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​​Come and join us

If you can hum a tune, you can sing. A love of music is all you need- does this sound like the start of a good song title?! 


If you are interested in having a go at singing please contact

for more details


Spend a Tuesday evening with us and check out how it’s done

Once you’ve seen the set up

and know we’re not a clique

Just sing along in harmony

and you’ll want to come each week

​​​Our rehearsal venue is at Royal mid-Surrey Golf Club , Old Deer Park in Richmond on Tuesday at 19.30 -21.30 in the upstairs dining room which is a large room that gives us lots more space. There is  masses of parking and is an easy walk from Richmond Station.


Check out our weekly blog page

The stress secret: 12 ways to meditate – without actually meditating

Singing in a choir

The diverting flow of singing with others cannot be denied, but that’s not the only meditative opportunity. “My mother is 95 and sings in the choir in her senior living home,” says Rains. “For her sometimes it’s stressful to learn a new song because she feels insecure about remembering things.” If you’re in a challenging moment, noticing what’s going on in your mind is step one. Step two is, she says, “can you let go of that mind-talk and stay with the experience, focusing on what it’s like to be in this community, to feel my voice box vibrating and hear sound coming out of my mouth? Are my feet planted firmly on the ground? Do I feel balanced? Can I feel my chest rising and falling as I sing?”

The Guardian, 13th February 2023

Why Inflagrante choir?

We are a community based choir in Richmond always looking for new members. We are open to all who enjoy singing - no need for previous singing experience or to read music 

  • No auditions

  • Our brilliant Musical Director Eamonn O'Dwyer

  • Mixed and varied repertoire

  • Musical scores and vocal tracks provided via Dropbox

  • Rehearsals are fun and uplifting

  • Reasonable termly fee

  • A stunning venue

  • Free taster session

  • Bi-annual concerts



Eamonn O'Dwyer, Our Musical Director went off to New York in September 2022 to perform a cabaret of his  musical theatre work.


For one night only he will performing his show in London!


On Tuesday 25th July he will be performing at the Crazy Coqs Cabaret Club in Piccadilly, at 7pm and again at 9.15pm.




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