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Amateur or Professional

In Flagrante is a local amateur choir. However, we are more than capable of giving a professional performance.

Eamonn has set the stage with the purchase of longer cables for the keyboard, so we are now able to stand in our traditional two curved lines. A very professional look rather than the amateur rabble from last week. He has also set the standard with a professionally produced purple bound book of our concert music to place on his lectern.

Now it is up to each of us to look and sound professional.

Hold your purple folders in such a way your head is up and only eyes look down, unless you are looking at Eamonn at all the critical cut off points, and then the audience will see your faces.

Smile. Don’t forget to smile. If you are enjoying yourself, it will be infectious and the audience will enjoy it all the more.

Stillness is essential at the end of each song to give that professional feel. This is a MUST!!!!.

Learn the last page so you can look up at Eamonn for the all-important stops and starts and a clean ending. Then stand absolutely still until the last note is played on the keyboard and Eamonn gives you the nod to move. No excuses - you can do it!

This will guarantee keeping the audience on the edge of their seat enjoying the suspenseful, magical moments.

You do not want to the one responsible for spoiling the magic!

Last minute homework for all. We each know which parts need the work, so concentrate on them.

We are in a good place, according to Eamonn, but if we each work hard to watch, listen and respond as directed we cannot fail to give the professional performance expected by Eamonn and our discerning audience.

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