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An Audience with In Flagrante

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Tonight, a mini concert as tradition does dictate

A little mini poem with which to celebrate

It is Elliot’s last night with us, so after a run through

We had our wine and tea break, then we knew just what to do

Perform all the songs we’ve learnt so well over the past few weeks

That we’ve practiced and perfected with some extra little tweaks

Ensure we get expression, hang on to notes so long

Don’t forget to leave ever longer gaps in the Sound of Silence song

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love was fun, who is part one or two?

An encore with the Fields of Gold our confidence just grew.

Our audience was very small; well it only consisted of one

As in Elliot who will know how well the special performance was done

We made him smile and heard him applaud, we really felt so proud

Our biggest gathering for a long time singing together strong and loud.

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