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Choir not Karaoke!


Eamonn was back in good form and had us go through You’ve Got Friend.  All was going well until we reached bar 20 ‘…. ‘You just call out my name…..’ and some sang along with the tune. A wise person once said, if you're not singing the tune make the part your singing, your tune. Hope this makes sense.

To find the right note, listen to the Sops singing ‘even your darkest night’ and ‘night’ is your note.


‘….take your soul if you let them’ is another harmony. Interestingly, the Tennessee legislature in February 1850 with regards, to a woman’s right to own property came to the conclusion that “women have no souls” and therefore “no right to own property.”Hmmmm!


This seemed to be a running theme tonight. They were told many times, ’You are NOT on the tune!’ 

We are a choir and sing in harmony otherwise it would just be a karaoke sing along!


It may be a good idea to mark your music score when you are singing the tune and distinguish it from when you are singing the harmony.


Sop 1s watch out for the high note on ‘Yes, I will’ and bounce off the ‘yes’ and don’t forget to smile!


At the very end everyone ensure you sing ‘You’ve got a friend’ with a ‘v’ sound and a strong ‘d’ on friend. Eamonn doesn’t want it to sound like a bleating lamb!


The Rose was next.  This the new 2024 version, which is nearly the same as the previous one, but with a different ending.  Therefore, it should have been fairly straightforward.  Famous last words!


Sops start us off and to stop it sounding mushy, they have, unusually, been given permission to breathe! 


The phrases should be chopped, so a small breath can be taken between each one

e.g. Lies the seed/that with the sun’s love/in the spring/becomes the rose.


When we all sing in harmony at the point of ‘When the night has been too lonely….’  It sounds like a glorious choir!

Ensure all the ends of the phrases are strong with a clear ‘t’ on ‘night’, ‘d’ on ‘road, ‘ng’ on ‘long and ‘strong’


Joshua was next based on the story of Joshua in the Bible. 'Fit' represents a way of saying 'fought'. The song tells how Joshua captured the city of Jericho when he ordered the Israelites to blow trumpets until the walls fell down. Certainly not karaoke.


In our version, when the walls came tumblin’ down’, keep ‘down’ very short and sing ‘like good old ‘Josh – wah’.


Make page 4 very quiet and then build up to the battle.  This song is about light and shade and quiet and loud.


It was very clear tonight that homework needs to be done.  Learning on the night is good, but to retain the knowledge, it is important to practise at home. 

Just a little each day will embed it in your mind; specially for the basses who do NOT have the tune most of the time.


We are a great choir and sing beautifully in harmony.

Trillers on a Perch

Sue Jensen - Visit Art Deco style “Borough Market“  opened in 1851  - a historic and high quality market. 

Open 6 days a week but I went on a Saturday (9.00 to 5.00). There was a real buzz. 

Easy to get there - London Bridge Tube & follow the people … 

Go with an appetite & carrier bags   - lots of sampling and masses of choice. Tempted to buy everything !! 

You can also book Official Tours     - See their website. 

Afterwards,  it’s a short walk to Southwark Cathedral, which is fascinating. 

Borough Market in 1872 (Gustave Dore)

Busy as ever. Nothing changes.

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