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Hallelujah, We Found the Rhythm of Life

For the first time In Flagrante performed to a sell out crowd

The songs were sung in harmony, the applause was loud and proud

Not an easy journey with many setbacks on the way

Covid, coughs and illness all threatened to spoil the day

Our regular pianist taken ill and cancelled the day before

Ricardo found a replacement; we couldn’t have asked for more

Most of us gathered early with a chicken tikka start

Then we worked our way through the programme to finalise each part

We practiced going in and out by walking two by two

Repeating it a second time so we all knew what to do

A break for tea and sandwiches and, for some, a glass of wine

Trying to calm our nervousness and hoping it would be fine

We walked in with purple folders and took up our places to sing

The room quiet with anticipation of what joy our choir would bring

We began with Monday, Monday and everyone smiled and clapped

The ending of the Carol of The Bells, well, we managed to adapt!

We all sung out with gusto, the dynamics were just right

Ricardo guided us carefully as long as we kept him in sight!

The first half ended rapturously with the wordy Rhythm of Life

Who would have thought it would go so well after all our struggle and strife?

A break with time to mingle with family, friends and all

Then back in place to sing again with a Finnish Reindeer Call

Now an opportunity for the audience to join and sing along

Getting in a festive mood and sing a Christmas song

After all the cheers and clapping and everyone wanting more

Another rendition of The Rhythm of life we sang as an encore

Against all the odds we triumphed; we did everybody proud

A great success for In Flagrante who entertained the crowd.

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