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In Flagrante Sings Out

When In Flagrante first formed back in 2016, we were a very small fledgling local choir, but since then we have grown and gone from strength to strength and many new members joined us during the dreadful lockdown days. Singing out in our own homes kept us all going through those dark dismal days. However, none of us ever want to Zoom sing again!

As we have grown in numbers and voice types Eamonn has been able to arrange more interesting versions of well known songs to showcase our singing. We have a huge repertoire of songs to choose from now, but there are favourites that always seem to keep appearing in our concerts like Sing Out which has become a kind of anthem for us. It was the start of the second half in our recent concert and was greeted with rapturous applause when we sang it as an encore.

Sing Out was written by Cat Stevens and was used in the 1971 film Harold & Maude. If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out and two other songs from that period were not released as singles nor placed on any album at that time. No official soundtrack was released from the film at that time. The song was finally released later on Stevens' 1984 album, Footsteps in the Dark: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 along with his other previously unreleased songs. In addition, it appeared on the UK edition of his 2003 album The Very Best of Cat Stevens.

In Flagrante performed Sing Out live at a pop up venue at St Pancras Station with Eamonn playing an old battered piano while we grouped round him and sang out a selection of songs, including Sing Out to the passing public, some of whom stopped to listen and record us!

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