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In Flagrante – Up and Down

Just one day left to practice at home and then it is The Concert!

Like the painted ponies in The Circle Game, In Flagrante is up and down; in numbers that is!

The dreaded Covid has struck and after all the hard work some of our singers have succumbed and cannot join us, however, others have recovered and will be there.

Those missing will be greatly missed and hopefully they can enjoy the concert and sing along at home on Zoom. They will be our greatest critics, so let’s make it special for them.

The second half was sung through against the backdrop of the most stunning sunset with colours ranging from flame orange to a very appropriate In Flagrante purple. Unfortunately, it was not possible to capture this on camera as we were working hard.

As we are down on numbers, we have to up our game which means homework on those bits we know we struggle on and to familiarise ourselves with the layout of the music.

The strength of the choir is each individual member. The strength of each member is the choir

Then we need to up our performance, which from experience, is much easier when you actually have an audience to perform to.

Smile: if you look as if you enjoy everyone will enjoy it. The sound coming out is much better too!

Hold your folder at waist height and slightly away from your body so you can be seen and look up easily to see Eamonn to follow his instructions

Stay perfectly still until the last note is played by Jenny. Do not be tempted to turn the page for the next song!

On Thursday

Will meet up around 16:30 for a prompt 17:00 run through of the whole concert.

Come ready dressed all in black and purple scarves will be provided for the ladies (unless you have one squirreled away at home. If you do, don’t forget to bring it!

There will be a break from 19:00 with sandwiches, wine, etc where we can sit down and relax.

At 20:00 we will line up and walk into the room where our audience awaits.

We will be ready and be prepared and up for a great performance! There is no feeling like it! Enjoy!

Here's hoping for some summer wind,


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