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More or Less

There were less of us present last night due to illness etc. Wishing everyone a full recovery.

Eamonn sent Ricardo to take us through our paces this week. Oops!, wrong Ricardo

There were less Altos than usual, but Ricardo wanted more volume from them.

He went through their parts and checked that they were singing the right notes, which they were!

They need to believe in themselves and sing out and give more volume.

Altos you CAN do it!

Less is more. The Basses and Tenors, make more sound and need to be a little more delicate in their renditions, especially at the beginning of Daydream Believer

Sopranos & Altos build up the ‘do do dos’ to a crescendo before the louder ‘Cheer up sleepy Jean’

1st Sopranos note that the first note of the ‘Do….’ Harmony on verse two is the same note as ‘home’ in ‘homecoming queen’. Once you get that first note, you’ll be fine!

Tenors – you are NOT on the tune when you get to, ‘Oh and our good times start and end…’

The Basses also need to learn the right notes as they seem to make up their own version on page 6!

We all need to sing what is written, even if you don’t read music, you can more or less follow the notes and listen too the tracks at home and learn your parts by ear. Eamonn’s arrangements are very specific and the harmonies work if sung as composed.

Monday Monday: Tenors and Basses need to come in strongly on their first note and practice the ‘Every other day section’.

Blowing in the Wind: The Sopranos and Altos need to be aware of the contrast between soft, medium and loud.

Start with less and build up gradually to more.

More delicacy for the Tenors when they join in.

Bridge over Troubled Water: Altos give more volume

Hints & Tips

Learn your part and you WILL gain confidence

With confidence you can sing out more and be heard

More stronger voices use less volume and a more delicate sound when needed

Mark your music score in a way that is meaningful to you:

e.g. your part, when you’re not singing the tune, dunce holes, smiley faces etc

The concert is only 4 weeks away!

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