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Oh, the joys of rail strikes struck again!

Eamonn had booked a taxi so we could have our rehearsal as usual. However, the cab didn’t arrive, and another had to be ordered, so he came a little late.

Should have got a bright Yellow Taxi!


Zoomers were champing at the bit to get online.


While waiting for our conductor, our treasurer stepped into the role of semi-conductor and emphasised the importance of learning the words of the songs, not just the notes.

If we know the words, we can look up and watch Eamonn’s guiding hands and nodding heads.


Trust in him – he knows what he is doing.  If you follow his instructions, you can’t go wrong.


After going through the words of some of the trickier songs, we bravely sang Crossing the Bar acapella with our semiconductor leading us.


During our rendition, Eamonn arrived and was so impressed at the sound. 

Our semi-conductor was also very impressed standing at the front and hearing the full impact of our voices in harmony.


With Eamonn back in the saddle, we tackled the rest from now on


This big musical theatre number needs lots of energy and stamina. 

The Gents are like pistons driving us all along.


The basses play a big part in this song, and they must keep perfect timing and emphasise the ends of the phrases on ‘lights’ and ‘tonight.’


Sing the ‘on’ in From now on as an ‘ahn’ sound with a wide mouth rather than a round one.


Remember, it gets hushed at the end, but quiet does NOT mean slow!

Make it intense and not wet!


Then, a new song, Make Your Own Kind of Music.


This is a song by American singer Mama Cass Elliot from her second studio album, Make Your Own Kind of Music/It’s Getting Better (1969). It was released as the third and final single from the album in September 1969 by Dunhill Records. Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil wrote the song while production was helmed by Steve Barri. In the United States, Make Your Own Kind of Music was a Top 40 hit, peaking at number 36 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Make Your Own Kind of Music also became a top 30 hit in the United Kingdom in 2018 via a cover version by Paloma Faith. It was announced on 1 February 2018 that Škoda Auto had commissioned Faith to record a version of Make Your Own Kind of Music to serve as a jingle for an ad campaign to launch the Karoq, Škoda's new compact crossover SUV, Faith being quoted as saying: "The reality of Škoda is it was the car people took the piss out of you for having...That's how they enticed me in; it was like that thing or person people tease for being who they are but is now celebrated for being who they are."

This song is all syncopation, with the Sops starting us off.

Keep the Oohs and dos bright and enjoy the broad triplets ‘even if nobody else sings along.’ No breathing at the end; sing the words into the last Ooh without taking a breath.

This song must have flow (and not just our Sop 2 Flo!)


After quickly mastering this new song, a rapid break, then back to Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat.

Be ready for the ‘And the …’

Also, the long notes on ‘And the…’ build up to a big sound but don’t have a long ‘s’ on said.  Make it quick and crisp!


A run-through of Joshua, which was in good shape, and Let the Sunshine In, which needs a little tweaking.


Next week, we will look at Have You Seen the Rain, Your Song (2024 version)

and What the World Needs Now is the Trains to run! (2024 version). 

Check Dropbox and print copies, and be ready to start them on Tuesday.


Keep up the good work.

Happy singing!







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