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The Strength of the Team is Each Member. The Strength of Each Member is the Team

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

We had a huge turnout of singers last night which gives an indication to the wonderful sound will make at the concert if all 49 committed singers turn up.

Dress code:  All black with a corsage which will be provided on the night.  Anyone wearing earrings, please make sure they are red and black or gold and silver.

Music is your responsibility. Each singer will be given two black folders next week.  Please ensure you put Act One in folder and Act Two in the second folder with the music in the right order as per Elliot’s last email. Just remember on the night to take the right folder out with you.

Now onto the serious business of singing and getting concert ready for our sell out concert with 180 members of the audience to entertain and inspire as we reap the rewards of all our hard work!

Going through Act Two we identified the areas of concern

Carol of the Bells is a Ukranian carol.

Pay attention to the ending.  The second time round Sops sing ‘to ev’ry home’ and they will stop singing. You will then hear a chord played before the final ‘‘Ding dong ding dongs’

Silent Night; although gentle and quiet, it still needs to have energy put into it and keep it going until the end. Work on the harmonies of ‘Christ the Saviour is here’ at the end

Mr Grinch; Sops and Altos learn from the Tenors and come in on your ‘Do baa do be’ confidently and, Sops, get your first note right! Make the ending, ‘ tangled up knots’ a triumphant sound.

Audience particpation.

Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland and Merry Christmas Everyone

We don't want this. Lets get them joining in -all 180!

There are only a few harmonies for the choir, but remember we are leading the audience and want to encourage them and feel the enjoyment for all.

A New Year Carol; very quiet and subdued.  Tenors only join in the chorus.

In the Bleak Mid Winter; Altos and Tenors come in confidently on your ‘Oohs and Ahs’

When a Child is Born: it is important to listen to everyone else singing as there are lot of syncopated notes and it would be great if we all sang them to the same rhythm. With the ‘Mmmmm’ section, build it up to the last ‘mmmm’ into the chord change and it will sound magnificent.

Next week we will go through Act One, including Winter Winds and The Parting Glass, in the same way, just Identifying the areas of concern. If we work hard during the week, we can surprise Elliot and there won’t be too many areas to tweak!

From now on bring ALL your music with you as we will be revisiting the ones that need that little bit extra work from both Acts

If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself!



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