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Trilling Take Two

Week two: Going through the second half of the concert songs.

Well, this is how it went:

· Two songs had definite ticks (means Yes! Great! Included!)

· Quite a few had just a tick (means just a little tweaking!)

· Some only had half a tick, like We’ll Gather Lilacs (means a lot of work, especially the exceptionally high notes!) Eamonn's advice to us was to think Julie Andrews. We'll Gather Lilacs, also called We'll Gather Lilacs In The Spring, is a song by Welsh composer Ivor Novello which he wrote for the hit musical romance Perchance to Dream. Written as World War II drew to its close, the song describes the yearning of parted couples to be reunited. It evokes the joy they would feel when together once again, and the pleasures of the English countryside in spring with its lilac blossom

· Hallelujah was parked in brackets (Oh Dear! means Eamonn would really like to include this, but it needs lots & lots of work!)

· The famous Eamonn ‘Dunce Holes’ need to be avoided (even some of us who are familiar with them fell in!)

· The major faults (like Dunce Holes) had to be marked on our music scores, in blood if necessary!

· Every time Eamonn announced a song from his list there was someone who groaned and moaned. There is danger of having a swear box equivalent for anyone who complains!

· Misbehaviour in the ranks, by person unnamed, was threatened with detention!

There is a lot of homework for everyone!

The Leprechaun, which I like, but doesn’t seem too popular with some, we actually sang very well (including an Irish lilt!). However, the playing wasn’t to the usual standard (on his own admission), so homework for Eamonn too!

Only six weeks to go – homework with Dropbox tracks each day and we WILL be concert ready.

We can do it!

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