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A Different Perspective

This week it wasn’t possible for me to actually come to choir, so I joined five other Zoomers. Modern technology is great as we were all having difficulty logging in, but with our In Flagrante WhatsApp group we were able to communicate our dilemma and it was soon resolved.

On a positive note I missed the sometimes difficult warm up "chicken , tikka, mango chutney: naan and pilau rice' which might have sent hubby scurrying off to order a Curry!

We are very fortunate to have this facility so those who are not able to attend in person can still join in and learn the songs and follow the musical direction. I wonder if we are unique in this respect?

I have not Zoomed since the long dark days of Covid and the experience of Zooming now is very different.

The focus, of course, is in the room and Zoomers listen and join in at home singing to themselves (and their neighbours). However, I felt a little disconnected and, although I was singing (hopefully the right notes at the right time) and I was glad I could continue to keep up with everyone, I did not feel the usual camaraderie. It is easy to see Ricardo and the choir and also hear the music and the laughter, but being remote gives a feeling of being on the outside looking in.

I do admire those who Zoom each week.

This week we went over Time after Time and it was in pretty good shape. Ricardo just reminded the Tenors that they do not have the tune for the Ooohs, but once they get their first note, it will all fall into place.

The Sopranos were asked to sing the first verse quietly and in a dreamy way.

The first chorus should be loud with the repeated ‘Time after time’ at the end getting quieter.

The second chorus should be even louder. Not a problem for some!

We sang the whole thing through at the end of the evening and it was in good shape.

Christmas Lullaby was recapped and Ricardo was pleased as he could hear we had been working on it at home. He admitted that the music and the lyrics do not sit together making it a tricky song to sing.

He would like us to sing the ending acapella.

Monday, Monday was sung through. Well, that was not too bad after a little guidance from Ricardo.

However, some of the the lyrics and the way Eamonn has arranged the song made you think, 'I Don't Like Mondays'.

Where and how do you take a breath?

Next week his going to give us a medley of Christmas songs. All being well, I will be there in person!

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