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All For One and One For All

The concert is fast approaching with only two full rehearsals left. EEEk!!!!!

So 'Let's work together'. A blast from the past!

A choir, by definition, is a group of people who sing together and remember 'The whole is more than the sum of its parts'. Aristotle?

However, it doesn’t just happen by chance. We have to work at it and we are each responsible for learning our parts so we don’t let the team down. It is when all these elements are put together that we become the In Flagrante Choir and make a beautiful sound. All for one and one for all!

Don’t panic! We covered quite a few songs last night and the lady tenors were the stars having clearly done their homework!

Ricardo gave us some good performance instructions on how to build up the sound and take it back down again. A bit like turning a dial, but not just singing very loud or very soft, but obtaining a contrast with a medium setting and gradually building to a big impact ending, especially in the Christmas Lullaby chorus.

Even when singing the last chorus with gusto, we still need to put our ‘lullaby hats’ on!

All the songs will need different nuances so they are not boring and it will keep the audience engaged. With Ricardo conducting and our eyes on him (and not buried in our music) this will add depth and interest as our voices blend together.

Another little tip is when we are on the last page, not to turn it over for the next song (especially if you are not actually singing) until the last notes have been sung and the audience has shown their appreciation. It makes us all look very professional.

We all know where our weaknesses lie in certain parts of songs. It is up to each of us to work on those during the week using the backing tracks in DropBox. Use your individual voice part to secure the notes in your mind and then sing it through with the full version.

Also, just sing through those we know well to keep the memory muscle going.

You might hear me when walking around Richmond or in Kew Gardens quietly singing to myself.

If I find a very deserted spot in Kew Gardens, I will sing out and hope no one is hiding behind a tree!

Jenny is with us from next week and we will have Ricardo’s full attention, so do your part and be ready.

All for one and one for all – practice will give you confidence, and together we will make a great sounding and remember Don't Panic!

Each member of In Flagrante choir is valued and if one of us needs anything, like a lift, music printed etc we are all here to help and lend a hand.

All for one and one for all!

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