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Big Numbers

Well, for the first time we have sold out our concert on 30 November with 150 tickets sold, so big numbers are coming to watch us perform. Jan was so excited as she has always dreamed of putting ‘Sold Out’ banners on our posters!

Dreams do come true! Jan.

Our penultimate rehearsal last night with Jenny at the keyboard and Ricardo at the lectern to give us his full attention. However, big numbers of us were missing with 18 Zoomers! Covid, coughs and colds etc preventing us from singing together.

The half of the choir that was present wrapped up warm so we could be well ventilated with the doors open on a very cold evening! We can’t afford for the other half of the choir to be ill!

We stood in concert position and began with our Chicken Tikka warm up and moved on to the big numbers we are singing in Part One of the concert and some from Part Two

There were only three altos present and they had to dig deep and believe in themselves and sing out. They did wonderfully well and can feel very proud or their achievements

Classic fm claim this is the greatest crescendo in classical music.

Ricardo was guiding us through the performance of the big numbers; getting us to crescendo in the right places and to get contrast of loud and soft (and medium between) throughout each song.

It is critical that we all watch Ricardo. At the end of the songs the words have usually repeated so often you don’t need to look at them, so look at Ricardo instead!

He is much gentler than Eamonn, but we still need to up our game and perform as instructed.

Hold your purple folders up so you can see your music and glance at Ricardo; he is there to guide us. You will project your voice more with your head held high and not restricting your voice box! Also, the audience can see your faces!

and remember, Hold You Head Up!

Watch Ricardo, especially at critical points like when to come in, when to stop, when to increase or decrease the volume etc.

Keep it professional; DO NOT TURN THE PAGE at the end of the song until the last note is played and the audience has shown their appreciation. If necessary, write at the end of the song DO NOT TURN THE PAGE!

Don’t forget to smile!

It not only shows we are enjoying ourselves, which will make the audience enjoy it too, but will brighten the notes, especially those exceptionally high ones!

"If my mind can conceive it, if my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it." (Muhammad Ali)

Get well to all those who are unwell. Stay well to all those are well.

Take care everyone and we will be great next week for our sell out performance

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