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“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”

In Flagrante has certainly been given great challenges with Eamonn’s and Ricardo’s current song selections. Through hard work and determination, we will conquer these songs.

It wasn’t that long ago we all complained about The Leprechaun, now that seems like a piece of cake!

Ricardo is very encouraging and although he has a different style of teaching, we will surprise ourselves, and him, and conquer The Rhythm of Life and Fascinating Rhythm with the complexities of tricky rhythms and lots of words.

There is a pattern to the music and once we have conquered the first few pages, it will repeat, but with different words, until we reach the harmonious endings!

We also have the Christmas Lullaby, a popular sacred choral composition by John Rutter written in 1989 as a four-part harmony. However, Ricardo has arranged it for us with a six-part harmony. He obviously has great faith in us!

He did say that any future songs will be much easier. He wants the time available to perfect these difficult ones.

To help us with the challenges, Jan started her heaving breathing and vocal projection sessions before the start of choir.

They really do help to build up stamina and technique and urge anyone who can arrive early to do so and join in. You will not regret it and it will bring great benefits to you.

Listen to Dropbox tracks.

Practice a little each day.

We will sound absolutely wonderful!

'Right Snoopy'

'That's right Charlie'

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