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Don’t Stop Now

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Because we're having such a good time.

We all send our best wishes to Eamonn for a speedy recovery.

However, having missed choir last night, don’t stop practising. We now have a repertoire of nine songs we have been through completely and it is essential we keep them fresh in our mind.

Muscle memory has been mentioned many times and it is important to keep what we have learned embedded in our brains so it becomes second nature. This is why Eamonn will go over songs we’ve previously covered each week and gradually polish them ready for performance.

Don’t stop now because we’ve had a week off! The more we remember the more time we can spend on learning the new numbers, like Nights in White Satin, which is already in Dropbox and .

This is a song by the Moody Blues, written and composed by Justin Hayward. It was first featured as the segment "The Night" on the album Days of Future Passed. When first released as a single in 1967.

Band member Justin Hayward wrote and composed the song at age 19 while touring in Belgiumand titled the song after a girlfriend gave him a gift of satin bedsheets. The song itself was a tale of a yearning love from afar, which leads many aficionados to term it as a tale of unrequited love endured by Hayward. Hayward said of the song, "It was just another song I was writing and I thought it was very powerful. It was a very personal song and every note, every word in it means something to me and I found that a lot of other people have felt that very same way about it.”

Although you won’t know the nuances Eamonn will put into it, you will have clue as to the notes! Always a good start.

The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel by English author H. G. Wells, written between 1895 and 1897, first serialised in 1897.

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds is a studio double album by American-born British musician, composer, and record producer Jeff Wayne, released on 9 June 1978 by CBS Records. Jeff Wayne chose Justin Hayward, of The Moody Blues, to sing Forever Autumn saying that he wanted that voice from 'Nights in White Satin'.

In 1938 Orson Wells narrated and directed War of the Worlds as a radio broadcast . The first two-thirds of the 60-minute broadcast were presented as a series of news bulletins, often described as having led to outrage and panic by listeners who believed the events described in the program to be real.

Don’t stop looking in Dropbox for new songs. I understand Waterloo Sunset will be on its way soon.

Remember to print off your copies and iron out any 'Kinks'.

There are only two spares sets of music scores I bring each week.

It is best to have your own music so you can mark them with your pencil (which I’m sure you bring each week) to personalise it.

We each have our own way of marking things to remind us of the interpretations Eamonn wants us to use. Mine is full of lines and smiley faces! I’ve seen other members with colourful highlighted areas. Whatever works best for you!

Only one more week before we have a two week break for Easter, so don’t stop now.

Keep up the good work and let’s amaze Eamonn next time.

Because we're having such a good time!

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