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Dreaming of our Next Concert

Our next concert on 14 July is not that far away and our fans are already asking to buy tickets!

At £10 per ticket, it is a bargain and our Summer Concert will donate all profits to DEC Ukraine.

However, there is a lot of work to be done to produce a first-class concert with new songs to learn and previous ones to polish.

We recapped Asteroid which will eventually be sung with no music in front of us. That will be a first for In Flagrante!

All I have to do is Dream was learned on Zoom and now it needs fine tuning.

The best-known version was recorded by the Everly Brothers at RCA Studio Nashville and released as a single in April 1958. It had been recorded by the Everly Brothers live in just two takes on March 6, 1958, and features Chet Atkins on guitar.

It was the only single ever to be at No. 1 on all of the Billboard singles charts simultaneously, on June 2, 1958.

All I Have to Do Is Dream saw massive success in the United Kingdom, where it topped the UK's New Musical Express chart in June 1958 and remained there for seven weeks (including one week as a joint number one with Vic Damone's On the Street Where You Live), spending 21 weeks on the chart in Britain.

The song has also featured on several notable lists of the best songs or singles of all time, including British music magazine Q's 1001 best songs ever in 2003.

Eamonn has arranged this well-known song with a lot of overlapping parts so it is very important to keep the ‘ts’ at the end of words like ‘night’ and ‘tight’ as crisp as possible. The tenors, unusually, were being funky and putting a triplet on ‘dreaming my life away’! This is not how it is written they were informed firmly.

We must all resist the temptation to slide on ‘Gee Whizz’ too. Eamonn recommends wringing the juice out of this emotional song.

Next came A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. It was fun to see what we had remembered from previous times. However, at the start it wasn’t In Flagrante that had problems; Eamonn’s piano playing was dreadful (on his own admission!). He was soon on top of things though.

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square is a romantic British popular song written in 1939 with lyrics by Eric Maschwitz and music by Manning Sherwin. The song was written in the then small French fishing village of Le Lavandou shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War

Tenors need to start this song as if they were Mantovani strings and the Altos a saucy ‘oh’ when the angels are dining.

As Tears go By was a bit of disaster for the Sopranos! Although the words and tune are fairly simple, they just couldn’t get the timing and consequently, they have a lot of homework!

Matthew and Son had the Altos being fun and funky (sorry, not the Tenors!) during the last part of the song while the Tenors and Sopranos are plodding along relentlessly working all day, all day, all day!.

Keep up the good work, do your homework each day to embed the music in your memory

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