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Eyes Up

With our Tenor ringer showing his talents at the piano, Eamonn was able to conduct us which makes it easier to know when the phrases begin and end and whether it is soft or loud and when not to breathe.

This only works if you watch him! Eyes up at the critical moments!

Although I feel like a broken record, it is essential we are all singing off the same page, so to speak.

Hold your music up and out from your body. Easy to flick your eyes up to see Eamonn.

I have every confidence you will have practised a lot and you know most of the words, especially at important parts so you have eyes up and watching.

The endings on most of the songs are repetitive – there’s no excuse not to have eyes up at the end.

We seemed to have lost our syncopation last night in several of the songs. However, when Eamonn did his leprechaun twitch, we got the message.

Strangely, Eamonn would prefer not to have to do this in the concert!

A few more tips:

If you can’t hold the long note at the end, just fade away.

During most of the phrases; don’t breathe. You will see Eamonn beckoning you with his fingers to remind you if you have your eyes up!

Remember the difference with Oohs and Ohs in Waterloo Sunset. It maybe only one ‘o’ difference but a huge contrast to the sound.

The Rhythm of Life is sectional, so mark your music score accordingly if you feel you are getting lost.

Next Tuesday we will have semi concert conditions.

Please try and arrive and be ready by 19:15, if possible

Your patience will be needed as Eamonn places each of us in our positions to sing. The stress levels can be high so beware, as ‘Mean Eamonn’ can appear!

We will be standing most of the time, although chairs will be available for those who cannot stand for long periods.

It will be a totally different experience facing the other way with the keyboard to the side and Eamonn right in front behind the lectern.

Once in position we will sing through Part 2 of the concert (sopranos will be in the firing line if they don’t get their Sha la las right!), plus anything that needs going over from Part 1, if there is time.

Simon and Garfunkel, their Concert at Central Park. A truly beautiful song.

On The Concert Day, please arrive at 17:00, ready dressed, for a full run through, including the ringers. We will take a break around 19:00 for refreshments which will be provided.

The Concert will commence at 20:00

Keep your eyes up and watching.

See you next Tuesday for a prompt 19:15 start!

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