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Fine Tuning to Concert Pitch

 We only have one more rehearsal left before the week of the concert. Let's make it a good one!

We are now into fine tuning our songs to get concert perfect.


Act One, plus The Parting Glass, was combed through with a fine-tooth comb and we are in a very good place with them all.

It just highlighted some small general things we need to do:


Elongate the vowels in the words to give them energy and momentum

If words need to be a clipped sound, this will be directed accordingly

Ensure the entrance to your part is strong; confidently aim for that first note.

Watch Elliot for the tempo, getting louder and softer

Do not do your own thing and be indulgent holding on to notes longer than they should be.  Watch Elliot and finish exactly when he indicates.

Tell the story of each song and make the audience sit up and listen.

Listen to each other and know how your part fits into the whole.


Now in a little more detail:

The Parting Glass – it is critical to watch Elliot to get the timing and dynamics right. 

There is no accompaniment to hide behind.  We are very exposed, so please watch and obey the directions.

Be on the front foot for entrances, especially with the ‘Oh’ at the beginning of each verse.

Make it sound exciting as you start to tell the story.

When you decrescendo make getting quiet gradual and leave room to get even quieter. Be prepared to make it very quiet at the end.

Basses please learn your harmonies and not sing the tune all the way through.  Your harmonies help to give the song extra depth and loveliness.

On the line ‘ and all the sweethearts that e’er I’ve loved are sorry for my going away’ there is no gap; just sing it as one long phrase.

Extend the vowel on ‘Soooory, for my going away’.  Do not make it short and clipped.


Winter Winds – the good news we are more secure on the notes and harmonies. 

The not so good news is the entrances are poor. The timing is a one and a two and begin

Turn over your page while the piano is playing before the start of the solo/duet, so it isn’t a distraction from the lovely singing.

Make the ‘Happy’ in ‘you’ll be haaaaapy and wholesome again’ long vowels

The last ‘No’ can be more like a ‘Nah’ which is easier to sing and hold on to until told to stop.

The Rainbow Connection – at the end, there is no slowing down with ‘the lovers, the dreamers ….. and me’ There is just a small gap – keep the same tempo.

‘Some day we’ll find it’, keep ‘it’ soft and not sharp and give it a dreamy effect.

Be confident coming in on ‘all of us under its spell’.  It is on page turn, so be prepared and know it is coming.

‘I’ve heard it too many times’ is loud and then gradually gets quiet on ‘something that I’m s’posed to’ and then build up the volume again on ‘be’

The ‘Dum’ at the end is like a hum – no long vowels on this one!


Vincent – Do NOT sing ‘Ooohs’ the first time round!

This song is in good shape.  The Tenors did well to keep us going with the verses and the Sops and Altos are finding direction with their ‘Ooohs’.

The ‘Ooohs’ are challenging, especially for the Sop1s.  Smile and keep them bright and sustain them until the last ‘Oooh’ is sung.


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