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Firstly, well done everyone! What a great rehearsal

In Flagrante, but not as you know it….We will have Ben play the piano, freeing Eamonn to direct us with two hands and his head! We will also set up the sound system to get used to the different feel and sound from our new perspective.


Look out for an email from our illustrious leader with a spreadsheet showing where you will be positioned for the concert. Anyone who needs a chair is marked in a shaded area on the spreadsheet. Please arrive by 19:15 and stand in your designated place.


Please bring with you your music, in concert order, and your patience as we have up to a total of 52 singers to arrange.


We will be standing for most rehearsals, which will help build up your stamina, as we don't want any wobbles.

Stand with your feet slightly apart, your pelvis tucked in, soft knees and heels into the ground, and feel a gentle bounce.


You will notice a big difference when Eamonn gives us his full attention. If you look up from your music and watch him, especially poignant moments, you will know exactly when to come in, when notes are short or long, and whether to sing loud or soft. He even manages to let you know when you can breathe or not!


Watch Eamonn as much as possible. Get used to his directions.

A fist on his head indicates it is the last time he sings a repetitive phrase.

Hands rolling over each indicates no breath

Two fingers to his eyes means Watch him!


We are approaching the serious end of term, and you want to avoid getting the famous Eamonn glare, especially during the concert!


Rehearsals are going remarkably well.  However, I find that a little disconcerting as we don’t want to peak too soon.  From past experiences, a poor dress rehearsal leads to the most magnificent concert!

We may be improving so much that our base level is much higher than it was, allowing us to aim even higher!




Let the Sunshine In

The first number is in our concert, so it has to be good to set the mood for the evening.

This will be sung without the music in front of us so we can watch Eamonn carefully.

The first time is different to the rest of the song.

Sing the ‘n’ in ‘Sun, ‘shine’ and ‘in’ at the end.


What the World Needs Now

Keep it light and frothy.

Make the phrases choppy with crisp endings

Altos, learn to love your solo and keep the words liquid on your tongue

Watch Eamonn for when not to breathe

Take a big breath after ‘some’ at the end, and you’ll have enough to get you through to a quiet finish, especially as there is no slowing down at the end.


Crossing the Bar

Eamonn has checked the sunset timing on 31 July; this is when we will sing this song.

This is very good now, and the timing will be perfect when you can watch Eamonn as the Sun sets over the Golf club, but keep watching Eamonn.


Your Song

The evitable Sops ‘Oohs’.  Sops be brave and have confidence.  You know it, so sing it out boldly.

At the end, blend the end of the world into the ooh, so it is’ Worldooh.’


 What’s Up

When Sops start to sing, ‘And so I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed…’ remember you are singing ‘Ohs’ not ‘Oohs’.  Mark it.  The sound is so different.

‘Scream from the top of my lungs’ is many words in a very short time.  Make sure they are all clearly heard.


From Now On

This showstopper generated a big round of applause from Eamonn.  A great accolade indeed!

Just be ready when the piano drops out on the ‘come back home’. Don’t panic and think you have gone wrong.  Sing boldly and own it!


You’ve Got a Friend

Don’t slow down in the chorus, ‘You just call out my name…’  It has the same tempo, so keep it moving like a flowing lullaby.


We are doing so well and covering a lot of our repertoire.

All change next week in concert mode without the audience. 

Of course, on concert day, the audience brings a new dimension and will lift your performance to levels you never thought possible.

You are all......................










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