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In Flagrante – 9 days to Go!

Jenny joined us to play the piano while Eamonn stood at the lectern to give us his full attention, complete with a towel to mop his fevered brow.

All we had to do was go through the first half of the concert. Simple you might think!

Dreams soon turned to nightmares as altos and 2nd sops didn’t come in quicky enough with their words so the tenors and 1st sops echo come in immediately afterwards. This was gone over and over until it was right and once we got there dreams really do come true.

This was followed by a not so Lovely Day although the sunset was amazing! Breathing in the right places is something we all do every day but sometimes we just need to take that extra breath. Eamonn gave the altos permission to take extra breaths between their ‘Lovely Days’ to give it lift and energy. Oooh!!!, the sops still have a problem with confidence singing oohs!

An amazing cover by John Cale. Hallelujah, we seemed to have this one to a good standard, as well as a walk in The Salley Gardens.

As the sun was setting, we sang the finale of the first half, Here Comes the Sun. Just needed a little bit more pizzazz!

On a positive note, we do actually know the notes of all the songs. We just have to sing them at the time Eamonn wants them sung in the way he likes too. It is always a good idea to please Eamonn as we don’t want to see his growls and scowls again as we did at this rehearsal.

All we need to do now is familiarize ourselves with the words so we can look up from our scores and, not only watch Eamonn for the intonation he wants and the cut offs, but so our audience can see us too.

Now we know how to sing the songs, let's PERFORM them!

Smiling and looking as if we are enjoying helps enormously. If we look as if we are having a good time, our audience will have a good time too.

So, remember SMILE!

It cannot be emphasised enough that homework needs doing – a little each day. Especially work on the bits you know you’re not sure of until they are embedded in your muscle memory.

In the meantime, practice act two so we can surprise Eamonn with how hard we’ve worked and to put his mind at rest that we are not In Trouble.

Maybe we can all do a ‘Djokovic’ and give ourselves a good talking to in the mirror and get our act together

If we all play our part, we will give a professional, flawless performance on 14 July.

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