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In Flagrante – Close Up

This week Jenny joined us on the keyboard and a sound check done as the speakers must be used. Then patience was tested while we were being placed into concert format. A little like learning our parts with the altos placed first, followed by the sops and then the tenors. To fit into the spaces so everyone could have eyes on Eamonn, we had to get up close to each other; something we haven’t done for a few years now!

Eamonn was not happy with the arrangement and said we looked like a rabble! More manoeuvres with the tenors being placed in the corner of the alcove and everyone closing up in front of them. Better, but not perfect.

Lady tenors swapped with altos so facing in a different direction with not the same people standing around made some feel uncomfortable, but we started anyway as time was moving on.

Emphasis is now on:

· Watch – keep your eyes up and watch Eamonn as much as possible

· Perform – engage your audience in the storytelling and emotions of the songs. We don’t want them to go home after the first half!

· Smile – look as if you are enjoying yourself. Your audience will enjoy it all the more!

No Fidgeting:

· keep to your spot so everyone can see Eamonn

· stay perfectly still while solos (vocal or piano) are performed. Don’t move or turn over the page ready for the next song or do so at your peril and get the Eamonn glare!

Let the audience enjoy it to the very last note.


· Learn as much as possible without having to look at the music

· Learn the last page – there is no more information on the page, so watch Eamonn for the endings.


Bridge Over Troubled Water – was good before, but altos need to be confident and all of us need to build up the intensity at the end as this is the final number in our concert. WE want to leave our audience begging for more! Bridge over Troubled Water" was addressed to Simon's wife Peggy, whom he had met that year. The "silver girl" in the song refers to her, and her first gray hairs, and not to a drugged hypodermic needle, as was believed by some in the United States. A Few Tweaks & Squeaks

· The Irish Blessing, which was delightful last week, had a few glitches. Giving Jenny the right music soon resolved this.

· The pedal of the keyboard squeaks and doesn’t add anything positive to our sound. WD40 next week will hopefully give us the sound of silence!

Heads up for next week:

· Patience

· Good memory

· Smiles

We can do it!

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