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In Flagrante in Concert

A wonderful concert with a real party feel. With Eamonn’s encouragement he got us to perform so well the audience were captivated and joined in when Eamonn gave them permission. He even conducted them in Those Were the Days when to start and stop!

All our hard work paid off. You could tell we had done well and Eamonn was very proud of us.

We can all feel a great sense of achievement as the feedback from the audience is that we are improving all the time and it brings them so much pleasure and are asking when the next concert will be!

No pressure to maintain and improve our standard for the winter concert.

Have a great summer and in the meantime here are thoughts from last night:

A summer evening at the golf club really set the scene

At least it wasn’t quite as hot as the previous day had been!

New performers in the line up with the In Flagrante greats

And Melanie travelled many miles to join us from the States!

Setting up the singers was not done so easily

Juggling tenors and sopranos so everyone could see

With the usual warm up quickly done then the first half for the singers

Eventually, after a travel delay, we were joined by two late ringers!

A short break and then the second half; a few tweaks along the way

The soloists sang their verses while Jenny continued to play

A plan was made to exit and then walk in again

Remembering who to follow; a professional look we must attain.

Getting ready for the concert; purple scarves caused great debate

Some were worn as great big bows while others wore them straight!

The performance began with Asteroid – our audience to charm

Unusually no music just folders under our arm!

Once open, turn pages quickly, so not to distract in any way

The setting sun, a beautiful backdrop at the closing of the day.

Not many Eamonn glares appeared in the first or second part

But Hallelujah was performed so well and from Eamonn earned a heart

We sang with joy and energy and with audience participation

Eamonn even conducted them enjoying their cooperation

A lovely day was had by all with a party atmosphere

In Flagrante just gets better with every passing year

The evening was a great success enjoyed by choir and audience too

And oodles of money were raised for Ukraine which we never expected to do.

Traditionally the choir doesn’t bow; Eamonn does it for us at the side

And to great applause and acclamation we stood there full of pride.

Curiosity got the better of me and I googled the mysterious Pepe and finally I have discovered his identity. Lucky Jan

A break now until 06 September 2022.

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