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In Flagrante is back!

After a six week break, In Flagrante is back in action with Eamonn O’Dwyer again at the helm to prepare us for our first concert in over two years. It will be on Thursday 03 March 2022 at Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club.

We are very fortunate to have such a large, well ventilated, and safe venue to meet in. It was great to see so many old friends and new in person and to sing together. There was real buzz in the room as we gathered together

We began with our inevitable warm up to loosen our tongues and then tie them up with tongue twisters! This creates great laughter, and we are relaxed and ready to sing.

In our concert we will be singing some new songs, originally learned during lockdown on Zoom, and some old favourites. We only have eight weeks to prepare and be concert ready!

One of the songs we will be singing is, 'You'll never walk alone' from the film and show Carousel. Marcus Mumford from Mumford and Sons recorded this version in lockdown. . All the proceeds went to Grenfell Foundation and War child UK

Eamonn took us through half of the repertoire to get a feel of how much work is needed. We will cover the second half next week. He was pleasantly surprised that over half of the songs are in really good shape. However, that does leave some that need to a lot of homework to be done, where the usual Oohs are flaccid and need to be bright, as do the high notes! A lot of smiling and oranges under the armpits are needed!

It is our responsibility to do our homework to bring us up to Eamonn’s exacting standards. We have the backing tracks we can listen to as we go about our day to help us embed the right notes in the right order!

In Flagrante is the best local choir and is very professional and WILL be ready to perform again.

Shall we?

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