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In Flagrante is Growing

From a small handful of singers in 2016 we have grown to a substantial choir of over 30 members. Our first public appearance at the Kew Fayre 2016.

During lockdown our numbers increased and since we have returned this term we have grown even more. It is a wonderful sound with so many voices!

Eamonn recapped Time After Time and the tenors still had the tendency to sing the tune. However, the advice was, “If is feels easy you are probably wrong!”

The lady tenors and altos were encouraged to sing out loudly, “If you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting” so it will sound as if Cyndi Lauper is in the room. They did it beautifully!

He did feel this song is “not at all shabby”! Praise indeed😊

Then The Rhythm of Life was tackled from the tricky part at the top of page 7 where the first sopranos start the fast, tongue twisting part quickly followed by the second sopranos.

This song is multi layered with all the parts passing from one voice to the next and then the different voices singing different things at the same time it should have the sound of the many voices of Babel!

Just one more little challenge added is the change of key in a couple of places to keep us on our toes!

Once we have mastered this intricate, complicated piece it will sound magnificent!

Eammon has left us with a good basis for our new Musical Director, Ricardo Fernandes to take us forward to our end of year concert.

Practice at home and we will be ready to impress Ricardo next week.

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