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Listen and Learn

Listen with Mother was a BBC Radio show started in 1950 and each story on opened with the phrase "Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin" (sometimes "...Then we'll begin") At the start of each programme a short introduction on piano was played. The tune went to the rhythm of the words quarter to two, which of course was the time of the broadcast, and many children were helped in learning to tell the time by this ingenious device.

Jump forward to 2022 Eamonn's Listen and Learn. Eamonn explained that learning and retaining information is not automatic.

After 12 hours 30% of learning is gone from short term memory

After 24 hours 30% of the remaining 70% is gone from short term memory

Then 6% of the remainder is gone from short term memory

However, all is not lost if you drip feed your brain by just listening to the music each day, even if you don’t have time or the opportunity to sing along. This will embed it in your short term memory and after two weeks it will go into your long term memory.

Listen to the tracks as you go about your day; on a walk, in the office etc. Gradually feed your short term memory and by doing so embed it in your long term memory.

Do your homework! You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Here Comes the Sun was more like a sleet cloud until we smiled and brought out the sunshine. Altos need to do their homework (see above)

As Time Goes By was well remembered, however there was a phantom Soprano found in the Altos! Altos have the tune most of the time in this one too! Sopranos need to remember the phrasing and syncopation to keep the song as interesting as Eamonn’s arrangement.

Mr. Blue Sky is still work in progress with the syncopation still causing problems, so we need to work on getting it funky with lots of push. Maybe next week we’ll get to the end of the song!

Hallelujah those of us who had already done this one remembered it fairly well.

However, do NOT breathe in Halle – lu - (no breath)- jah

If necessary, turn purple and die, but do NOT breathe.

Sopranos beware of the final Hallelujah – take a big deep breath - you WILL be hunted down if you breathe

Keep drip feeding, do your homework, smile and only breathe when absolutely necessary😊

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