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In Flagrante Attracts Talent

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

While Eamonn O'Dwyer our Music Director is busy writing music and lyrics for Beauty and the Beast in Kingston and Brief Encounter in Newbury, we have Elliot Clay to lead us for the next few weeks until he leaves us to perform in the West End in the cast of The Mousetrap.

As we have such talent teaching us with such infectious enthusiasm, we can’t fail to enjoy every minute of our time together

After a fun warm up, Elliot took us through our paces tonight with the beautiful Fields of Gold followed by the haunting harmonies of She Mov’d Through the Fair. Each part of Tenor, Alto and Soprano was taught in easy stages and gradually built up so we all sang in harmony. Once the notes are learned we are then guided to put expression into our singing, usually with humorous ideas to help us remember.

Then time for break to mingle with tea, coffee or a glass of wine in hand to chat about anything and everything. We are a friendly bunch!

We then resumed our places and sang the upbeat Side By Side, which on the surface seemed a simple, jolly song, but had some quite tricky parts. Might need some more on this next week!

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