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Only(Simply) The Best For In Flagrante

Eamonn was back with us last night in our temporary accommodation. Again, the golf club did us proud and set us up so we could rehearse, plus Marcin was there as barman to serve our half time drinks!

There can’t be any other choir that gets the service we do. Only the best will do for In Flagrante!

Now we have to live up to the standards we have set. Only two more rehearsals before The Concert!

Jenny will be with us for the next two weeks, so Eamonn will have empty hands and can conduct and guide us to get:

· When to start

· Crisp clean cut offs

· Intonations of soft and gentle, intense, energetic etc

· Making us smile (especially when oohing!)

· Ensuring we don’t fall into the famous Eamonn dunce holes! You do not want to be that person! You will not only get a glare and snarl from Eamonn, but let down the whole of In Flagrante choir making us look unprofessional

· Ending together and standing completely still until the last piano note has been played

Of course, this will only work if we WATCH Eamonn and look up from our music at the poignant times.

To be the best we need to:

· Practise at home and become familiar with the words as well as the notes

· Perform and not just sing. If we look as if we are enjoying ourselves, the audience will too!

· Feel the music as we sing

· Perform Asteroid with no music open, with intensity, delight and a sparkle in our eye.

· Enunciate and tell the stories in each song and engage the audience

We are unique and very fortunate to have the acclaimed Eamonn O’Dwyer as our Musical Director. He not only composes wonderful and sometimes unusual arrangements of well-known songs, but teaches, encourages and motivates us to levels of performance and sound we didn’t think possible.

It is up to each of us to listen and make notes and practice with the backing tracks so when we come together, we blend and show we have worked, not just for our own satisfaction, but for all the choir and together we will be Simply The Best!

And ready for our encore

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