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Oooooh No!!!!

This was our last week before the Easter break. We tried to remember Try to Remember from two weeks ago.

Sopranos, get ready to breathe before the first note so there isn’t a loud gasping sound on the fist word.

Tenors were reminded they do not sing the tune! As the wording has different rhythms the Tenors need to hold on to ‘will’ in ‘willow’ and ‘pill’ in ‘pillow’ and to sing it gently.

Scientists have found that rats enjoy the rhythm of Mozart’s music and will bop along to it when given the chance. Four other tracks were also played: ‘Born this Way’ by Lady Gaga, ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ by Queen, ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson and ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5 and all the Rats happily bopped along.

The Altos are on a different short rhythm for ‘dreams were’ and ‘no one’ It all interlinks beautifully.

Keep your eyes up and watching Eamonn to follow, follow, follow at the right times for your voices.

As the verses go through the seasons, allow each verse to develop with loud, soft etc. so it doesn’t all sound the same.

Remember, quiet doesn’t mean weak. Keep it intense!

Nights in White Satin, a new song by the Moody Blues. Another well-known song, so it is important to get the rhythm right. ‘Always’ is long and make the ‘s’ a ‘z’ sound and add it onto ‘missed’ to prevent hissing!

Sopranos begin gently with altos, tenors and then basses following on and building up to the ‘I love you’ section which should be fortissimo not moustissimo!

Verse 2 Basses have the tune and the Tenors are in harmony. Altos have their usual Oohs, which are not a problem for them. However, when Eamonn gives the Sopranos ‘Ooohs’ to sing, quote, “It all goes to SH*T”.

Scatman John's song "Scatman (Ski Ba Bop Ba Dop Bop)" tells the story of how he overcame his difficulties with stuttering by turning them into an ability to sing scat and encouraging children who stutter not to give up.

Sopranos, will do their homework and sing the best Ooohs Eamonn has written!

Remember the ‘Oooohs’ are still singing, and form the instrumental section of the song. Love them and make them sound glorious.

At the end of this song, you will find one of Eamonn’s famous extended endings. These are fairly simple as the phrases are repeated and there is no need to look at your music. However, timing is critical.

Look up at Eamonn and follow his direction and you can’t go wrong!

We did a quick run through of The Impossible Dream, The Windmills of Your Mind, Smile and Daydream Believer. This should highlight the areas you need to work on. Only you will know which parts.

We now have a two-week break. A little holiday, you may think, but Oooh No! You have homework.

Work on the new Nights in White Satin and refresh your memory on all the other songs we have done this term. Do a little bit each day and try singing with the Full version to get the feel of the whole song.

Next term, Eamonn will introduce some sixties songs that we have previously done, but may be new songs to newer members. Keep an eye out for changes in Dropbox.

Happy Easter to all, keep up the good work and see you next term on 25 April.

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