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Preparation is the Key

The key to any successful event or project lies in preparation. If you put in the hard work, you are guaranteed success.


Our Summer Concert on 31 July is the same.  Now is the time to prepare as we are getting into concert mode.


Here are some hints and tips:


Do your homework—we have an extensive music repertoire, some more familiar than others. Practice a little each day to keep all the songs fresh in your mind. This helps build muscle memory, and you will sing them naturally when the opportunity arises.


Concentrate on the parts you know cause problems for you.  Only you know where you struggle to fit in that right note, get the words in the correct rhythm or sing your tune, which is not necessarily The Tune! 

I know my nemesis now is the Oohs in Your Song. I am determined to master these for my satisfaction and not to let the team down.


Familiarise yourselves with the words.  They will become embedded in your brain as you practise each day. This will allow you to confidently look up and watch Eamonn, who will guide you through the nuances of each song.


It is essential to watch the end of songs, which tend to be repetitive, so you will already know the words without reading them.


Even if you cannot sing in the concert, it is still helpful to maintain the same standard for yourselves and to give confidence to your fellow singers.


With Eamonn elevated to the podium last night, we started with What the World Needs Now. This has to be waltz time, with concise phrases and a breath in between. 

Keep the first ‘love’ short and the second slightly longer with a strong ‘v’ on both ‘love’!

Altos, drive through the verses with long phrases, not breathing after mountains, etc.

Do not slow down at the end.  Just get quieter. Quiet does not mean slow!

I love a bit of Burt. Who doesn't?

No, not Elton John. It's Lady Gaga!

Your Song was good up to the ‘Ooohs.’

Sop 1s, do your homework! 

If we can all master this by next week, we will be in a good place with this song. 

The tricky timing of fitting in the words was great!


Keep the notes pinging rather than too smooth in the ‘I hope you don’t mind’ section.


The last, ‘How wonderful life is …..’ Sops and Tenors keep the volume up and blend the ‘d’ of world into the ‘Ooh’ so it sounds like ‘…now you’re in the worl…. Dooh’ Of course, you are not allowed to breathe!


The story behind The Greatest Showman. They look like they are soooo enjoying themselves.

From Now On is a song that In Flagrante has never sung anything like before.  An actual musical theatre number with lots of emotion building up from the slow, spacious start with the Basses setting the scene. It is essential to familiarise yourself with this piece at this point. You need to be able to look up from your music score and watch Eamonn, who will give you the timing.  He will set the pace, so watch him!


The rhythm of the ‘and we will come back home’ section is tricky.  It needs to be punchy and push it through.  ‘Come’ and ‘back’ are just slightly elongated and emphasised.


The second time, ‘and we will come back home... ' quickly turns into ‘From now on,’ so don’t be surprised! Again, practising at home will make it familiar.


Make the ending intense and exciting.


What’s Up is another highly strenuous song that needs plenty of stamina as it is relentless.  Feel the pulse and the internal rhythm, even if you sing Oohs and Aahs.

Breathing in this needs to be rhythmic.


‘Scream from the top of our lungs ….’ Let's give it a go!

It needs those oranges squeezed. The last four pages sing the exact phrases repeatedly, so there is no excuse not to watch Eamonn, who will give you the timing and volume of the phrases as they are repeated, making them sound more interesting.

Don’t get quiet too soon.  Make it gradual.


Make Your Own Kind of Music needed a little bit of work. Sops, start this one, and the first note needs to be accurate and precise. Practise the tune to the verses and be ready to come in quickly.


Next week, we will be in the Haslam Bar downstairs.

Please bring all your music and spend some time practising at home. 

It makes all the difference.




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