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Beware Reindeer Calling!

The evening started with a traditional Finnish reindeer call, Ole Leloila. A simple three-part harmony song sung as a round.

Sopranos start and sing it through once on their own and then the altos join in followed by the tenors until we are all singing in a beautiful harmony. We finish with a very quiet start and gradually build up to a big crescendo at the end.

Hopefully we will herd in the audience and not too many reindeer!

This group gathered for fun at their local Christmas market to surprise shoppers as a flash mob singing Ole Lelolia

Fascinating Rhythm was revisited. It was difficult getting the rhythm as the timing is very challenging with a 3-4 count just before, ‘What a mess you’re making’ as we did make rather a mess of it!!

This was followed by a 3-4-1 count before ‘Each morning I get up with the sun’

The Zoomers did point out an error which Ricardo corrected. It shows they are paying attention and contributing even from afar.

After getting into the Latin Grove, we were back to the harmonies. When just the tenors, altos and 2nd sops are singing their harmonies together they are spot on. However, the 1st sops cause problems when they join in with the tune as everyone else wants to sing the tune too! A little practice will soon sort this out!

Once we had the right rhythm at the beginning, we worked our way through this to the end with the very challenging high notes!

Ricardo assures we are getting there.

Christmas Medley was next. We began with It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas going into the transition to Santa Baby. Sopranos challenged with Oohs. Why does it seem so much harder to find the right notes to sing ‘Oohs’ than if words are sung?

After the first slower numbers, we step up the pace with Winter Wonderland, beginning with ‘Sleigh bells ring’. A few more ‘oohs in this one too! The song goes straight into Last Christmas, again taking the tempo back down, so there are a lot of contrasts in this lovely medley arrangement.

Ricardo said we were flawless! We will complete the rest of this next week.

Let’s keep it up and put in some serious homework with the tracks. Listen to your individual voice parts until you are confident and then try singing along with the full track so you get used to the parts running with yours and get a feel of how it all fits. Sometimes it is easier when you hear the other parts too.


We will be in the Artisan Clubhouse which is the wooden building on the right-hand side just as you turn into the car park. There is door at the front and the back

See you there!

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