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Revisit and Refresh

As we now have all the music for our concert on 12 July (unless Eamonn sneaks in an extra one!), we will be revisiting and refreshing our memories on songs from the list.

Make sure you print everything and put the music in a purple folder and bring it with you.

Even though Eamonn gives advance warning as to what we will cover, always be prepared for him going over something he hasn’t mentioned.

Pearl & Dean is known for its distinctive theme tune entitled Asteroid, composed in 1968 by Pete Moore.

Asteroid doesn’t really need the music. Once you have learnt it you can just feel the rhythm and you can also keep your eyes clearly on Eamonn as he will conduct you precisely! It needs to sparkle!

We revisited Waterloo Sunset with the ‘Sha la las’ still being a challenge for the sopranos! The Tenors were a little late coming in on ‘Waterloo sunset’s fine. Timing is critical so listen to the tracks and, of course watch Eamonn!

Monday Monday, is a 1966 song written by John Phillips and recorded by the Mamas & the Papas, using background instruments played by members of the Wrecking Crew. Phillips said that he wrote the song quickly, in about 20 minutes. The song includes a pregnant pause before the coda, which modulates up a semitone. On March 2, 1967, the Mamas & the Papas won a Grammy Award for this song, in the category Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

In Eamonn’s version, it needs to by lyrical keep the ‘Ba das’ bright and sing as phrases rather than individual sounds.

The ‘Every other day’ section needs to be punchy with the Tenors and Basses starting and the altos and Sopranos echoing. Remember to connect the ‘fine’ and ‘yeah’ at the end together as a phrase.

Those Were the Days was sung through and just tidied up in sections, but generally ‘Not at all bad!’ Contrast needs to be given to the nostalgic and wistful verses and then slowly crescendo into the chorus with muscular ‘la, la, las’

Tenors remember you are not on the tune as you go into the chorus.

Whatever happened to Mary Hopkin? In 2023 Hopkin released an album called Two Hearts, alongside her daughter Jessica Lee Morgan. The album featured newly-written material and well loved covers from The Bangles to Dire Straits. It was released on 3 May 2023, Mary's 73rd birthday.

The concert may seem a long way away, but it will soon creep up on us. Prepare, by practising at home

And think about your In Flagrante outfit, which will be all black for everyone with lilac flowers and buttonholes so we have a uniform look.

Sorry, Alan Black is the new Purple!

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