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Simple: Watch, Repair and Perform

The tongue twister ‘Wicked Cricket Critic’ broke the choir last night. The first one to really defeat us.

To REPAIR this:

  • Practice at home

  • Simple

In Flagrante also has problems with deflating tyres, especially in The Sound of Silence… sssss!!

Ragged and nasty extra Ss in any song will make us sound dreadful and unprofessional. This needs repairing ASAP.

  • Keep heads out of the music at critical cut of points. Eamonn doesn’t want to see the tops of heads!

  • WATCH EAMONN, who will tell you when to finish cleanly. Some phases are longer than you expect.

  • Simple

Ba das in Only You and The Logical Song need to be fluid and interesting and finishing together.

To repair these:

  • Learn by heart

  • Feel the rhythm rather than reading the notes

  • Sound like medieval minstrels


  • Simple

Well known songs like Scarborough Fair need the audience to listen as if they’ve never heard it before.

  • Keep the urgency going throughout

  • Hold the long notes for the right length of time

  • Give the phrases light and shade

  • Beware of the dunce hole


  • Simple

Eyes on Eamonn!

When the end of the song is concluded, watch and wait while the pianist finishes playing the last notes.

Jenny will be furious if you are looking through your folder for the next song! The lyrics of Scarborough Fair puts forward the concept of unrequited love. The yearning is felt throughout the song, creating a perfect medieval love story in the process. A young man delegates certain impossible tasks to his lover with the condition that she would have to finish those to be able to come back to him.

PERFORM, don’t just go through the motions singing the right notes! Watch Eamonn and he will guide you through each song – it will be worth it.

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