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Cometh the Hour Cometh the Choir

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The In Flagrante concert has taken place at last Our previous renditions now in the distant past A new venue at the golf club set up in the dining room With an audience to listen, as well as those on Zoom! A run through the whole programme to familiarize the ringers And also for the majority of the In Flagrante singers The sopranos experienced the ‘cat hiss’ when they had the phrasing wrong Reminders of the stillness at the end of every song A break to have a cuppa or a glass of wine or two Sandwiches and biscuits to help to power us through Then just at the last minute, two second sops appeared They were very gratefully received and everybody cheered At five to eight we gathered; tongue circles to do, of course Bring bottles of water with us to stop us getting hoarse! We lined up all in order and walked in two by two As our audience applauded us as we paraded through Eamonn, poised in front of us, a mountain now to build As we sang out our first number and the room, with sound was filled Eamonn’s enthusiasm brought out the performance in us all Keeping focused on his guidance – couldn’t afford to drop the ball! Watching for the cut offs as well as lows and highs You could tell if anyone misbehaved from the look in Eamonn’s eyes! He even did a little dance to make everybody smile Although it was successful, it is not his usual style! The first half was a great success and everyone agreed And eager for the second half we lined up ready to proceed This part contained the Irish songs from love, to dark to fun The Leprechaun being cheeky showing humans how it’s done! The programme then was finished, our gift to all who were there A rousing encore of Sing Out we sang with gusto and with flair The variety of songs and style were admired by everyone Especially the arrangements of how each song was done We can be proud of our performance and we know that we’ve done well Our barometer is Eamonn; from his expression you can tell. Everyone has worked so hard and set the standard high Can we improve for the next one? Well, we certainly will try!

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