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Welcome Old and New, Happy Together.

Welcome back to old members and a warm welcome to our new members.

Also, welcome back to Elliot Clay, who going to lead us to our Winter/Christmas themed concert on 06 December 2023.

After a long summer break, it so good to back singing together and meeting old and new friends.

Don’t be lulled into thinking it will an easy sing along each week. We only have twelve weeks to be concert ready.

Don't panic! After our last successful performance we have very high standards to maintain. You will be expected to do your homework, listen and sing out boldly. You all have lovely voices to be heard, so don’t be shy. If you are confident in your parts by practising at home, you will bring that with you each week. As your voice grows, so will those around you and we will make a beautiful sound.

For those of you who were there this week, you will have received your beautiful maple wood memory stick in its presentation box. This is a thank from us to you for your dedication and loyalty to In Flagrante over the past few difficult years of Zooming, social distancing etc which you can enjoy and pass on to your family and friends.

Once you watch it, as from the audience perspective, you will see and hear how good we are. Be encouraged and gain that confidence to sing out and be heard.

For those of you haven’t received your memory stick, they will be available next week or retained until such a time as you are able to come in person.

We started the evening with The Rainbow Connection, which most of us had sung before, but not for a little while. We sang it through once to see what we had remembered and to give the newbies a feel for how it should sound.

Each part was then gone through to with hints and tips.

Even if it isn’t your part, listen to what is said as some of the instructions of length of note, intonation etc, will be the same for your part, even if the notes are different.

Oohs can be difficult so make them swell slightly in the phrase to make them sound more interesting and to help keep the energy going.

In the part,

“So we’ve been told …” keep the high notes smooth and not jumpy.

“…the lovers, the dreamers and me” as it gets quieter, keep the energy going.

This was not in bad shape, we were told, so off to a good start.

Now on to Vincent.

The Tenors shine again starting us off and the Sops and Altos Ooohs joining in the second verse.

The Sop Ooohs are difficult as it is easy to get tired by the time the repeat of Ooohs come and this is reflected in the sound.

It is very important to breathe correctly and let out the air slowly and consistently. Try practising by singing “Zzzs” instead of Ooohs to help to control your breathing. Just remember not to sing Zzzs in the concert!!!!

The end of the song is as important as the beginning and the middle. Don’t slow down. Keep “Perhaps they never will” even and steady.

A short break to refresh, chat and collect memory sticks then back to work.

Autumn Leaves was an old song performed by In Flagrante in our very first concert in 2016, so it will be new to the majority of members.

It is a gentle song with two-time signatures. It starts off with the Altos and the Sops and Tenors joining in. Sometimes we are all singing the same thing, but then there are little harmonies, so beware and don’t be lulled into singing the tune when you are not supposed to!

When coming to the end of the first section, “ echoing, echoing yet” it is critical for us all to end on a crystal clear ‘T’.

The Altos have a moving note on ‘yet’, while the Tenors and Sops need to hold their one note while the Altos move underneath them before finishing together. Watch Elliot for directions!

We will not revisit these three songs for the next couple of weeks, so please practise at home. The vocal lines are now in Dropbox.

Next week will start The Parting Glass, Mr Blue Sky and Happy Together. The Parting Glass featured in, In Flagrante's first concert in 2016.

Bring all your music each week. If we have all done our homework and we get through the new songs quickly, we will revisit the ones done previously and polish them up.

See you next week

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