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Zooming In and Out

Welcome back after the Easter break. Melanie came over from US while quite a few of us joined on Zoom from different parts of the UK and abroad.

Pauline zoomed in from Zermatt in Switzerland and said, 'for me does seem very remote, but good to hear the camaraderie in the room'.

All songs for the concert now in Dropbox so ensure you have them printed.

A recap of Nights in White Satin.

Altos to make their Oohs sound like machine gunfire.

Basses come in strongly on ‘I love you’ section and use rhythm of:

‘I Wanna be in America’ for ‘Oh how I love you’.

1st Sops not to move of the note for ‘you’ until after the 2nd Sops have moved.

Waterloo Sunset a new gentle version which challenged Eamonn as the vocal range is so great, so the tune is passed between the different voice parts. Fade out and in on the crossovers so there is no obvious change of voice and volume.

The Streets of London was inspired by McTell's experiences busking and hitchhiking throughout Europe, especially in Paris and the individual stories are taken from Parisians. McTell was originally going to call the song "Streets of Paris"— but eventually London was chosen, because he realised he was singing about London; also, there was another song called "The Poor People of Paris". McTell's song contrasts the common problems of everyday people with those of the homeless, lonely, elderly, ignored and forgotten members of society. A sing through Streets of London which wasn’t bad and Windmills of Your Mind which needs to dial up the mystery and dial down the volume!

Go through the tracks in Dropbox. Be ready for anything we’ve already done!

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